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Woke up at night and can't sleep – just try to get up to get it back

There are cases when a person follows the sleep hygiene, plans everything and counts his sleeping hours, but nevertheless sleep does not come to him. Probably every one of you has faced such a problem.

It seems that everything went according to plan, and you fell asleep around 11 pm, but then suddenly you wake up about quarter of an hour and cannot fall asleep. What should you do in this case? The best way to solve this sleep problem is to get up and walk out of your bedroom. By doing this action, you will consciously understand that your bedroom remains a place to sleep and is waiting for your return, which will lead to a quick sleep response when you come back.

We understand that this may be difficult for you, because a warm bed is much nicer and more comfortable than other rooms in your house, but you can ease the task by preparing yourself for this plan in advance. Just leave the heating on and prepare your favorite book in case you wake up at night. Also, do not forget to prepare a comfy chair in the living room so that you can go there during the wakening.

When you wake up and go to the living room, do not rush the action and give yourself time to relax and feel sleepy again. Thanks to this method, you will want to sleep again and will happily return to the bedroom to continue your sweet dream.



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