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Sleeping position with a partner can tell a lot about love life

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Most sleep experts and psychologists confirm that fact that a sleeping position can actually reveal a lot about a person. You should not worry too much about this, because no one will know your most intimate secrets when analyzing your sleeping posture. Just by knowing some aspects of the “nightlife” in your bed, you can get to know yourself better, and also better understand your relationship with your partner. Below you will find a list of sleeping positions that can tell a lot about your love life. Enjoy!

#1. You are into spooning

This sleeping position is very popular among couples. When your partner has his arms over you, it means that he is extremely protective of you. Sleeping in this position, he expresses the feeling of tenderness or possession.

#2. Your partner cradles your head on his chest

This position indicates that your man is a patron, and he has a desire to possess and protect you. You are lucky one!

#3. You sleep facing each other

This sleep position indicates that both of you feel distant from each other and you need to connect more. Probably you both crave for intimacy, or just the usual comfort in the relationship.

#4. You sleep facing away from each other with your butts touching

This sleeping position means that couples enjoy their intimate and comfortable relationship.

#5. You sleep on your stomachs

Sleeping on your stomach means that you are feeling a lack of trust between you and your partner.

#6. You sleep on opposite sides of the bed

This sleeping position indicates some discomfort in your relationship. You need to make some compromises, if you want to save your relationship.

#7. Sleeping intertwined at first then moving apart

When you intertwine with each other before sleeping, it shows that you both value your intimacy. However, when you move away during your sleeping, it means that you appreciate each other’s independence and don’t shy away from giving your partner some space. You are lucky one, you have ideal relationship!

#8. You sleep different distances from the headboard

When one of you sleeps near the headboard and another one sleeps further away, it shows that one of you is dominant, and another one has a low self-esteem.

#9. One of you is a bed hog

If one of you prefers sleeping over the entire bed, it means that he is a super dominant in your relationship. This position indicates that your relationship is not balanced, and that one of you urgently needs to act!

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