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Useful tips to help you optimize your schedule for night shifts

Each of us holds on to his work with all his might, especially if it brings positive emotions and good money. However, what can you do if this work mainly refers on night shifts? How about your sleep and your overall well-being? If you have similar problem, we have prepared useful tips for you that will not change your shifts, but will help you adapt your body to them.

The fact is that what you do before, during and after the shift has a big effect on your sleepiness and your general mood. Accordingly, before your night shift, you can prepare your body for it. So, if you have a few days before you start the night shift, you can gradually taper your sleep and wake times towards the new schedule. Get up 2 hours later each day and go to bed 2 hours later.

We also recommend you take a nap before your night shift in order to reduce sleepiness when you are at work. However, do not forget that daytime sleep for more than 30-40 minutes can lead your body into a deep sleep. Deep sleep will help you reduce a sleep debt, but it may take around an hour to be fully alert again, so allow time to wake up afterwards.

While you are at work, try to constantly be in bright places. The fact is that dark light will lead you to sleepy condition. In case, your workplace is too dark, you should speak to your employer about increasing the brightness of the lighting.

One more thing you should know is that a mid shift nap of up to 30-40 minutes is more effective than a cup of coffee for improving alertness. Yes, caffeinated beverages are great stimulants to promote attention in the first half of a shift, but taking them within a few hours of bedtime can lead to insomnia.

When you get home after a night shift, never drive yourself, as you are at great risk of getting into a car accident. The best way to get home after your night shift is to use public transport or order a cab. You have one life, so do not risk!

When you get home, we recommend you follow your usual sleep routine. An hour or two before bed, get your body ready for it. A light snack, a warm bath, brushing your teeth, soothing music, relaxation exercises or meditation is a great solution to relax.

While you are sleeping, let your windows be covered with blackout curtains to make your bedroom as dark as possible. Or you can also use a good eye mask to do this trick. Ear plugs can also help you get a sound and healthy sleep and save your peace and quiet. Sweet Dreams!



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