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No need to count sheep: how to choose the best sleep tracker

Every day the number of trackers is growing, and many of you find it difficult to choose the best option for you. Nevertheless, there is always a way out, so in our article you will find useful tips that will help you choose the best sleep tracker.

Before buying a tracker, you must define your goals. Why do you need this thing? What are you interested in tracking? If you want to track your sleep, you need a tracker that focuses on sleep and provides accuracy on your sleep data, as well as a wide-feature set, such as daily activity tracking.

In order for your sleep data to always be tracked, you must select a tracker with automatic sleep detection. For example, if you want to improve your sleep with a tracker, you should make sure that it includes a detailed view of your sleep in the tracker’s companion app (sleep duration, sleep quality, sleep stages, external factors that affect sleep).

Therefore, do not rush to buy the first sleep tracker: sit down and make a list of goals that you would like your tracker to have. Keep this list always with you when searching for your sleep tracker.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is your budget. The average price for a sleep tracker varies from $50-$300, increasing in price with the number of features that it offers. Having a certain budget, do not forget about the goals that your sleep tracker should have. A tracker that includes many useful features will have a higher price tag than the more basic trackers. In this case, we recommend you spend extra money to get a tracker that includes all your needs.

In addition, do not forget that each sleep tracker contains a companion app for your smartphone. Therefore, before you choose your tracker, we strongly recommend you take the time to get acquainted with all the tracker apps and check their functions. You need to understand whether you need these apps, and whether they meet your goals.

When you know what goals your sleep tracker should perform, how much money you are willing to spend on the purchase of this device and what you want to receive from its apps, you can easily choose the best tracker for you. Good Luck!



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