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Too tired to stay awake but too awake to fall asleep?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Almost every one of you had trouble sleeping at some point in your life. According to statistics, sleep problems can affect one in three of us at any time, and only 10% of people suffer from such disorders on a chronic basis. You are very tired and lie in your bed, but sleep does not come to you, as your head is full of various problems and is trying to find a way out of them. You are under stress, and as soon as you find a solution to get rid of it, sleep will definitely return to you.

But what if time goes by and sleep problems do not pass? Every day you are faced with insomnia when you go to bed, hoping to fall asleep, but despite the fact that you are too tired, you just look at the ceiling until morning. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fall asleep, because this sleep problem has become chronic.

This condition is a subtype of insomnia and is called ‘Difficulty Initiating Sleep’ in the official DSM-IV manual of psychiatric disorders. Statistics show that 13% of people have only problems with falling asleep, when about 60% of people have problems with falling asleep, as well as problems with staying asleep.

In addition, the quality and duration of your night's sleep affects your state during the daytime: you will have a decrease in daytime energy, concentration and mood.



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