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How keeping to regular bedtime linked with success at work

Tell me honestly, which of you goes to bed at the same time every night? I'm sure that only a small percentage of you really stick to this sleep routine. The rest of you prefer to engage in various exciting activities, rather than getting a healthy and deep sleep. Of course, it’s obvious that 24 hours a day is not enough for various activities, hobbies, work and family, but there is one significant BUT. Without regular and quality sleep, you will suffer from various health problems, you will be depressed, and you will not succeed in your business and endeavors. Are these facts enough for you?

The question is, why is your regular bedtime associated with success at work? Everything is much simpler than you think! One recent study found that when a person sleeps, his brain removes toxic proteins from its neurons, which are byproducts of neural activity when he is awake. And the fact is, your brain can remove them only when you sleep. Accordingly, when you have irregular and insufficient sleep, your brain does not have the ability to remove toxic proteins.

From this we can make only one conclusion, if you do not get a sufficient amount of sleep at night and do not follow sleep hygiene (bedtime regimen), you disrupt brain function. In the morning, when you wake up after a few hours of sleep, you will not be able to efficiently process information and solve problems, you will feel depressed and exhausted.

So think about all your sleep problems and start solving them as soon as possible. Start with a regular sleep and limit yourself to all things that distract you before bed. Over time, your sleep will improve, and you will definitely succeed in your work.



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