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Good sleep can fire up your creativity

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Have you ever had the feeling that when you woke up in the morning, you realized that you solved a problem that seemed impossible to you? Yes, you might think that this is a bit strange, but all this is real. And you are not alone!

Many famous people also came through this path. For example, well-known Beatles soloist Paul McCartney dreamed the entire melody to Yesterday, and the famous chemist Dmitri Mendeleyev got a periodic table during a nap. There are a lot of such cases, and they are all real.

Recent scientific studies have confirmed the fact that sleep can inspire creative insight. Moreover, dream-inducing REM can help you find hidden links between ideas. This process is necessary for solving creative problems.

Therefore, the next time when you have an insoluble problem, stop torturing your brain and rather get a healthy sleep to solve it.



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