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Your bedroom is designed only for sleeping. Say no to all distracting things and get a healthy.

What words and images do you associate with the “bedroom”? Well, what comes immediately to mind is a cozy room made in soft, soothing colors to have a sound sleep, in which there is a huge bed with the pleasant to touch warm and pretty bedding. Depicting this perfect image of the bedroom, each of you will want to lie down in this gorgeous bed, close your eyes and get wonderful and sweet dreams. However, according to statistics, not every person chooses a “deep sleep” in his perfect bedroom. Why is this so?

In most cases, when you get into your bedroom, you start killing your sleep with a variety of non-essential things such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Surely you have a question, how can you destroy your sleep with such things? Guys, this is really very simple: the screens of your mobile phones, tablets and laptops produce “blue light” (visible light with relatively short wavelengths), which suppresses your natural sleep hormones.

In addition, when using these devices, you perform certain actions: checking mail and social networks, playing games, watching your favorite TV shows and much more. All these actions disturb your sleep, because they keep you active and passionate. So the next time you suffer from insomnia, just say thanks to all your devices for this.

If you want to restore your sleep, you just have to say NO to all distracting things and make your bedroom a place only for healthy and sound sleep. Use your mobile phone only as an alarm clock and flashlight. By following these simple rules on a regular basis, you will fall asleep faster each night, because your brain will get used to the new regime and will be grateful for this.


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