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Secret weapons for beating jet lag consequences

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

The fact is sunlight acts as a powerful stimulant to promote alertness, and darkness switches on melatonin, which stimulates the body's pro-sleep hormone. In this case, you should follow the sleep-wake and food time of your local destination.

For example, after a westward flight, you should stay awake while it's daylight, try to sleep when it gets dark. If you had an eastward flight, you should stay awake but avoid bright light in the morning, and be outdoors as much as possible in the afternoon. In case you've arrived during the day and cannot cope with drowsiness, we recommend you take a run or a walk to raise endorphin levels and suppress drowsiness. Also, you can take a brief nap (up to forty minutes) in order to reduce sleepiness.

If you are staying at a hotel, you can order a wake up call in the morning or when you take a nap. If you were deprived of sleep during the flight, then you are more likely to drift into very deep sleep.

If you practice sleep hygiene at home, then you should never give up this habit while you are far away. You can take your favorite pillow or blanket with you, because these homie things will make your new hotel room feel more comfy and cozy.

When lying on the bed in your hotel room, you struggle with sleep and cannot get it, you can try these methods:

- Try to imagine your favorite scene, it really helps you fall asleep. The secret of this technique is to practice the same scene and sequence in advance, so that you can replay it easily in your mind.

- When you can’t sleep, you’re trying too hard to get it. And now try the opposite, tell yourself to try and stay awake. When you tell yourself that everything is ok, while you are awake, there is a huge chance that you will relax and sleep.



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