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Long flight, no sleep? How to prevent jet lag.

Before flying to an important event or meeting, we recommend you put your sleep first when you book plane tickets: avoid skimping on sleep to be at the airport at dawn; if you have trouble sleeping in flight, then avoid flying overnight; if it is possible for you, try to reach your destination in time for a full night's sleep.

In case you can influence the schedule of your meeting, choose the time when you will be awake at your point of departure (this will help make your internal body clock more alert). If your meeting is to be held in the west, then get it in the morning, and if your event or meeting is to be held in the east, then meet in the afternoon.

When buying a plane ticket, pay attention to where your seat is. Choose a seat away from busy areas, and if possible with extra legroom for comfy flight. For example, some websites such as and can help you choose you perfect seat, because they have ratings of different seats on each plane for comfort and noise.

In addition, if you fly across 5 or more time zones, we recommend you to gradually transition your body clock a few days before your flight. If you fly east, then start eating your dinner, going to bed and setting your alarm an hour earlier each day. In case you fly west, you should eat dinner, go to bed and wake up later.

Thanks to a good rest before the flight, it will be easier for you to recover from sleep loss. Have a nice flight!


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