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How to shut off your brain when can't sleep.

Before you go to bed, many of you are usually used to checking email, social networks and being distracted by other unimportant things, which by the way prevent you from getting a healthy sleep. At these moments, you begin to feel excited, distracted and, accordingly, your brain and body are not in a mood to sleep.

If you are tired of such a sleep routine, we have an excellent solution for you that will help you to shut off your brain and adjust to sleep. The fact is that your brain and body need some time before bedtime to unwind and relax. To do this, you need to set aside time before bed to relax: every evening at the same time, you have to follow some specific routine that will help prepare your brain and body for sleep.

We recommend you start this sleeping 'procedure' an hour or two before bedtime, choose what is really possible for you and what will help you to relax. Do not forget to mark this event in your sleep diary, as well as in the calendar.

For this procedure, you can choose activities that you like and that really relax you. For example, activities such as reading, walking in the fresh air, listening to your favorite music will help you easily accomplish this mission. In no case do not choose activities that, on the contrary, will give you energy, for example, exercising and watching a horror movie or thriller.

And now when you know a great way to shut off your brain and get a good sleep, do not be lazy and find a suitable book for you and create a playlist that will fit the bill. Sweet Dreams!


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