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How to get a healthy sleep during pregnancy without sleep aids

Many doctors do not recommend taking sleep aids, including over the counter medication during pregnancy, especially in the first and third trimesters. However, in some cases, if a woman took such medicines for better sleep before pregnancy, the doctor may allow her to continue taking. But there is one big BUT, it is very dangerous for your baby!

What should a pregnant woman do if she does not have a healthy sleep? First of all, you need to stop panicking about it and find a reason that prevents you from sleeping at night and try to solve it. Probably there is something in your daily routine that you are doing wrong; you should rethink everything.

For example, if you often go to the toilet at night, and this really prevents you from sleeping, then you just need to limit water intake before bed. If you are a coffee lover, you should avoid caffeine before the bedtime, because it will really keep you active during the night.

Many women may feel depressed during pregnancy. This state makes it difficult to think soberly, but only violates the overall picture of the future motherhood and, of course, disturbs your sleep. Don't keep it to yourself, talk about it with your partner or anyone you feel comfortable with. The support of your loved ones will definitely help you alleviate this stressful condition.

Do not let everything take its course, because you need to know that a healthy sleep is simply necessary for you and your baby. Take Care!



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