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Can't sleep because you're worried about not sleeping?

Each of you has had to deal with such a problem as the ‘racing mind’ many times in your life. Of course, you think that we are stonewalling you because you do not even know what it is. This is not so, because we are more than sure that there are moments when you wake up at night, because your mind goes through hundreds of thoughts.

This is called the ‘racing mind’, which prevents you from falling asleep at the beginning of the night, and getting back to sleep after waking. Your mind may struggle with various thoughts during the wakening, but mostly it faces problems like thinking about past events or worrying about things happening in the future.

At that very moment when your mind digests all thoughts, you lose sleep and begin to notice all external sounds, and you also hear your rapid heartbeat as you began to worry about what is happening in your life. All these trivial thoughts not only deprive you of sleep, but also contribute to the formation of depression. In the morning, you will be broken and overwhelmed.


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